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QtCreator 4.0

  • Hello,

    completion in QtCreator 3.* worked ok for me, now when i upgraded to 4.* it is a mess.
    When I write it is not working for my classes, sometimes not even for Qt classes. Even if I spam ctrl space it still does nothing. It leaves tons of underlining during writing, as well as after finishing. Lighbulbs and stuff like that which are not suppose to be there makes me really angry.

    1. What the hell is wrong with it?
    2. Have something like this occured to you?
    3. Is it a fault of wrong configuration?
    4. Can my pc be too slow for it to work well (3.3GHz x 6, 8Gb DDR3, hard dive only, as for any other processes runing I only listen to music at yt, sometimes foobar)?
    5. Can this be fault of Qt 5.7?

  • Did you try performing a complete reinstall of QtCreator?
    I too experienced similar issues with QtCreator 4.0.0 but the latest version 4.0.2 appears to be usable again.
    The specs of your computer are definitely not going to be of a problem :)

    I'd recommend posting this in the corresponding forum:
    Maybe a mod can move it.

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