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QMediaMetaData for Images (jpg, png,...)

  • Hi,

    I was looking into extracting the EXIF MetaData information from a series of images, mostly jpg and png, and then do something with this information. To make the tool platform independent, I wanted to stick with what Qt offers and came across the QMediaMetaData. However, QCamera and QCameraImageCapture don't seem to be geared for loading existing pictures but taking new ones.

    Is there a way, to push an object, lets say a QImage, into either of those objects and access the meta data of that existing object this way?


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    Both class are not what you want. If you only want to read the EXIF metadata of your images and IIRC, there was a class named QExifImageHeader not part of QtMultimedia but that you could be simpler for your use case

    Hope it helps.

  • Hi @SGaist,
    I came across someone mentioning this particular class, but it seems to be discontinued and no longer part of the Qt distribution (I work with 5.7) without being replaced by something with the same purpose.

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    Looks like it but you can find it e.g. here

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