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In qml how to improve the listview's speed when switch page?

  • i use listview to display a picec of picture one by one ,but i find it too slow to move,so how can i solve this problem?

  • If you are expecting any kind of help, you need to provide enough details. Do you mean you have divided your picture in to pieces and added all those pieces only by one to listView or how is it?

    EDIT: Sorry for my harsh answer here.. Don't know what was I thinking when I replied to this.

  • i just want to improve the speed when switch page use qml listview!because it is too slow to bear

  • Try:
    horizontal/vertical Velocity

    If you still can't get it to perform well, I would recommend switching to using Loaders. Usually 2 loaders would suffice to achieve a nice sliding effect.

  • Your Image element has a property "asynchronous". Set it to true.
    This will speed up graphics loading a lot. Pictures will be loaded concurrently and moving will not be blocked.

  • i follow you advice,but it's also slow,is there any other way to solve this problem?

  • @
    i have same problem with you;

    i have some ideas:

    1,create the custom listview, but i find the listview in qml can not inherit

    2,set the contentX or contentY dirently after a pan event; but i find some conflicts with the nature animation

    if you have some advises,you can use

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