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    I made a window containing a button using Qt Quick Application. When ever i click on the button it call a function written in C++.

    In the C++ function, i used Qprocess to open an executable ( Qt Widget application). When ever i click on the button it is opening the executable that i defined in the path.

    Is there a way that i can create a transition animation between the windows ?

    some thing like the first window( Qt Quick Application) is moving out of the monitor screen and second window (Qt Widget application) coming in slowly as the first on go out ?

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    Technically you don't have the information about when the other application's window becomes visible so it will rather be complicated.

    Can you explain the relation between these two applications ?

  • @SGaist


    There is no particular relation between them.
    Actually i am thinking of a demo project containing 5 set of examples.

    It has front end interaction i.e user should be pick example od is choise. (This is written in Qt Quick application)

    For each example i have a separate executable.

    So, as i mentioned in the my 1st post after selecting the example and then click on the view/explore button. The front end integration program (Qt quick application) call the executable based in the index number of the selected example.

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    Somethings like the old Qt Demo ?

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