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Windows mobile 6 install problem for VS2008 (setcepaths, checksdk)

  • I want to develop apps for windows mobile 6 and have installed the Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK Refresh but I cannot get Qt working for Visual Studio.
    I've followed different guides on how to install Qt for Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 but nothing works.
    I've installed: qt-win-opensource-4.7.3-vs2008.exe, and qt-vs-addin-1.1.7.exe

    The first step works fine: configure.exe -platform win32-msvc2008 -xplatform wincewm60professional-msvc2008 -release

    This last step seems to fail: setcepaths wincewm60professional-msvc2008 && nmake

    Looking at it closer the checksdk.exe -list gives me the error: Could not find any installed SDK, aborting!
    Checking in the mkspecs folder I have these folders:

    • wincewm60professional-msvc2005
    • wincewm60professional-msvc2008
    • wincewm60standard-msvc2005
    • wincewm60standard-msvc2008
    • wincewm65professional-msvc2005
    • wincewm65professional-msvc2008

    Why is this failing?


  • Apparently you have to do this from the Visual Studio 2005 command prompt and not the Visual Studio 2008 prompt; it works now.
    There really should be a better guide on how to enable Qt support for Windows Mobile ..

  • What is the problem with visual studio 2008?thanks for the help.

  • Why there is always a problem in Visual Studio 2008 prompt?thanks for help.

  • I managed to build Qt 4.7.3 for Windows Mobile 6.0 from the Visual Studio 2008 command prompt, using the wincewm60professional-msvc2008 mkspec, without any problems (except that I had to omit the examples, using the -nomake examples flag). So there is not "always a problem"...

  • I didn't say there is "always a problem"; I had to do it from the VS2005 command prompt to get it to work. Using the VS2008 command prompt I could not get the configure.exe step to work, nor could I see any Qt/CE platforms in the QT4 Windows CE Project wizard.
    Using the VS2005 prompt it all worked well; maybe because I'm running VS2005 Pro and only VS2008 Standard?

  • No, it was 'leroy4perez' who said "always a problem". Anyway, it could be as you say. I only have VS2008 Professional installed, and it works just fine for me. Not sure what the "Qt4 Windows CE Project Wizard" is - something inside the Visual Studio IDE? I only use Qt Creator.

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