Image slide show in qml

  • How to slide show the images in qml?

  • Look at ListView, PathView, GridView, and many others, according to your requirement.

    PS: Explain better your demand if you want more precise answers.

  • @Johan_R28

    I am also trying to create image slide show. Flicking being the important aspect (i want to swipe / flick to next image). My requirement is at any given time only image should be displayed on the window. If i swipe/flick on the screen the next image should appear.

    I create the application using the List view (being the simplest) .

    • Each image is of my window size, my model was set to number of images and in delegate i changed the images source. And it is working fine.

    But if i flick on the window , i think based on my flick velocity more than one image is moving/changing and it also doesn't ensure only one complete image is displayed on the window (left half of one image and right half of other being displayed etc)

    So, i want to my application to change/move only one images irrespective of my flick/swipe velocity.

    If i flick/swipe once it should just display the next image (irrespective of velocity)


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