.QSS stylesheet changing size of QList Widget

  • I have a QList and QStacked Widget side by side, i'm making a style shieeet and i've noticed that my Qlist is now scrunched up something awful; the QStacked Widget does not appear to be affected in anyway other than through inheritance, wheras i have silghtly modified the the QList border pixels (note that commenting this out and changing the radius and border have had no effect on the actual size).

    So naturally, i am stumped. idk why it do this?

    edit:: let me mention that size and contents of said widgets are programmatically constructed, i do understand that i could in fact slide deep into the code and wrestle and kiss the code into changing its size afore i invoke the style spell, however, this has not been the case for any other element of this program. So i must needs slay this roach first before going on to potentially life shattering change.

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    You should share the code you use to style your QListWidget.

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