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Debug messages on Android 4.4

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to select which debug messages are shown in Qt Creator? I am running an app on an Android 4.4 device and i get the following message again and again which prevents me from proper debugging:

    I/BufferQueue(  148): [SurfaceView](this:0xb86ca170,id:197,api:2,p:10957,c:148) [queue] fps:13.80, dur:1014.43, max:96.48, min:65.22
    I/BufferQueue(  148): [SurfaceView](this:0xb86ca170,id:197,api:2,p:10957,c:148) [release] fps:14.18, dur:1057.46, max:89.43, min:59.51

    Thanks alot!

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