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Beginning with symbian

  • i want to begin programming for c5-03, but i do not know where to begin: what type of project, which api to use. help me!
    ah, what must i write, if i want that my application overheads the default graphics (e.g. when i press the central button, the phone loads my application instead the grid view)?

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    Just go with a normal Qt Widgets or Qt QML application. Use Qt and Qt mobility whenever possible (way simpler than the Symbian APIs!).

    I doubt that you can bind your application to the central button (at least not without some special capability set on your application): That could potentially break the phone by replacing the default application with something non-functional.

  • i thought this:
    when i press the button for unlocking the screen, the phone charges a background image. on it there are two object: the first one allows to see a group of a group of scattered bubbles with an icon inside. gesturing on one of them, another menu opens, etc. pressing the central button, a menu for settings opens.

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