QMediaPlayer, saving frame

  • I want to save image of the frame. After reading of manuals, I have been understood, that I should to use QVideoProbe. I use the following code from manual

    QMediaPlayer *player = new QMediaPlayer();
    QVideoProbe *probe = new QVideoProbe;
    connect(probe, SIGNAL(videoFrameProbed(QVideoFrame)), this, SLOT(processFrame(QVideoFrame)));
    qDebug()<<probe->setSource(player); // Returns true, hopefully.
    player->play(); // Start receving frames as they get presented to myVideoSurface

    But I always have FALSE on probe->setSource(player);
    so my slot processFrame is not triggered.

    What I do wrong ?

    Can any body point me to working example

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    Depending on your platform, the probe might not be available.

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