[Suggestion] add a checkbox to topics you don't want to follow in the new posts list

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    Hi All,

    sometimes after a day or more, when I come back to devnet there are more than 100 topics when I click on the new posts shortcut (situated under my name and badges).
    There are topics started for instance yesterday. I read the question and know it's not related to me, but everytime I have to click on it to remove it from the "new posts" link.

    If at that time i could check a checkbox or a link like "don't follow this topic", or something like that i could filter out lots of noise.

    Or are there other ways to filter out such topics I'm not aware off?

  • Hi Eddy, at the bottom of the "New posts" list there is a green "Mark all posts as read"-button, so you don't have to click everything.

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    Hi Marius,

    Yes, I know this button, but that is not exactly what I meant.

    I'd like to have a way to eliminate some topics to show up in the future.
    For instance a russian/portugese post i don't understand at all,
    or a topic I don't know anything about.

    The first time when I read the question, I can tell if it's interesting to follow this topic or not.
    I hope I explained it better now.

  • Ah yes thanks, we don't have a feature for that. If the forum software gets that feature some time in the future we will also have it, but it's out of scope for us.

    I've registered a feature request for it, see http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/2717/#16328

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    Thx Marius,

    You're right, that topic suggests the same as I did.
    I must have missed it somehow.

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