Strange QMediaPlayer::setPosition() on Windows when play from URL

  • I try to play video file from URL.
    For that i do like this:

    QString fileName = "";

    I use youtube MP4 URL (url gotten using youtube-dl util) . Playback starts normally but some issues on WIndows 8 and WIndows 10:

    1. QMediaPlayer::bufferStatus() is always returns zero
    2. QMediaPlayer::bufferStatusChanged() is never caled
    3. after QMediaPlayer::setPosition() much forward NO LONGER player update frames, just nothing displayed. This is with long videos like 1-2 hours. Not possible to seek forward.

    Interesting is that under Ubuntu Linux same QT app with gstreamer-ffpeg library - all is fine. I can setPosition() i see how bufferStatus() is changing after seek forward from 0% to 100%.. In Linux setPosition() forward is quite fine.

    What to do?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    That might come from the fact that the Windows backend and Linux backend doesn't use the same technologies.

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