Access QML MapType in c++

  • Hi

    I need to access and store a QML Maptype variable in c++. How do I store this type? I am able to store individual properties of the maptype in lists but is it possible to store as it is with out using user defined types?

  • @saitej Hi! If I get the docs right there's no C++ API yet:

    Maps and Navigation (C++)
    Currently it is not possible to interact with maps via C++. Mapping applications must use the Maps and Navigation (QML) API.

    Looks like you need to make a custom type to store the info.

  • @Wieland
    They have done it some way on this link .
    The variable m_supportedMapTypes. I think it uses QGeomaptype

  • Also, How do I access the activeMapType for a qml map. I have accessed the map from c++ in the following way.

    QQuickItem *item = widget->rootObject()->findChild<QQuickItem*>("map_main");

    and I am trying to set the property of the map like this

    item->setProperty("activeMapType", ;

    Is it the right way because I am not able to access the current active maptype also via

     x= item->property("").toString();

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