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QScintillna (Want to check memory usage of lines in following Qt code in a profiler tool

  • void GQSciEdit::loadSourceFile(const QString& ofilename)

    if (ofilename.isEmpty()) {
    setText("<EMPTY FILE>");
    filename = "";

     if (ofilename.endsWith(".gpg") || ofilename.endsWith(".odb")) {
       setText("<ENCRYPTED FILE>");
       filename = "";
     if (filename != ofilename) {
       QString msg = QString("Loaded file %1").arg(ofilename);
         if (FILE* fp = UFile::open(ofilename.toLatin1(), "r")) {
       QTextStream ts(fp, QIODevice::ReadOnly);
       d_filename = ofilename;
       emit fileNameChanged(ofilename);

    I want to check memory usage of following line in above code setText(ts.readAll()); Can some one tell me the tool for it

    [edit: koahnig] Added some spaces for code visualisation.

  • @Qt-Enthusiast

    Profilers are typically dependent on OS. You may have a look to gprof

    On the other hand profilers eat a lot of CPU. Therefore do not try it on your large file. Probably it is much easier for you to measure time and required time with QElapsedTimer.

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