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Problem with Q_PROPERTY - application crashes when I try to assign value.

  • Hi.
    I added property to my class:

    Q_PROPERTY(QString guid READ guid WRITE setGuid NOTIFY guidChanged USER true)
        QString guid() const;
        void setGuid(const QString &value);
        void guidChanged();

    and definitions:

    QString MyClass::guid() const
        return property("guid").toString();
    void MyClass::setGuid(const QString &value)
        setProperty("guid", QVariant(value));
        emit guidChanged();

    Application crashes on this line:

    setProperty("guid", QVariant(value));

    And I don't understand what wrong?

  • I haven't worked with the property system that much so I am sorry if I am giving wrong information.
    As far as I can tell the problem is that you use the property system to access the property. You cannot use setProperty() and property() inside the functions that are accessed by the property system. You need a (private) member named guid of type QString in your class. Then you implement the getter and setter functions to access and modify that string. This will allow other classes/objects to access that property through the property system.

    Note that it's also possible to give the class member that holds/represents the property a different name. In that case you would use the MEMBER attribute of the Q_PROPERTY macro to inform the property system which member this property is about.

    I hope that helps.

  • @Joel-Bodenmann It helps, thank you.

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    To add to @Joel-Bodenmann what you wrote is an infinite loop. setProperty will call your setter function which will call setProperty etc. hence infinite loop.

  • @SGaist Thank you.

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