Functor. Implementing comparator with additional parameter

  • Hi.
    Im trying to implement a comparator to sort my QList<Custom>. Problem ist, the comparator for qSort obv have to be a static function, just taking two arguments. But i need a third argument, so i can do my comparison, or i need somehow to access member variables of my class. Is there a way to do this?
    I came across something called functor, that somehow make a subclass of myclass and then use member variables and implementing "operator()" , but i dont get how to do it and if its even possible with the signal and slot stuff.

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    Can you show a sample of how you would like to do your comparison ?

  • Well, i have a QList<Village> containing villages with a name and two coordinates. I have a program that display i number of villages in a TableView. I want to sort the villages with respect to their distance to a specific targetvillage. Which means the sorting changes every time the targetvillage is changed. This means i need an additional argument for the comparison, namely a pointer, reference or whatever for the current targetvillage.

    class Village
        QString villageName;
        int x;
        int y;

    so far i had something like

     void TableDataModel::sort(int column, Qt::SortOrder order)
           qSort(villageList->begin(), villageList->end(), compareTwoVillageLessThan);
    bool TableDataModel::compareTwoVillageLessThan(const Village &A, const Village &B )
        Village tempTargetVillage = *targetVillage;
        double distanceA = calculateDistance::getCalculateDistance(A, tempTargetVillage, c);
        double distanceB = calculateDistance::getCalculateDistance(B, tempTargetVillage, c);
        return distanceA < distanceB;

    but then i realized the comparator have to be static and i cant access class member.

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    Use a functor:

    class CompareTwoVillages
       const Village refVillage;
       CompareTwoVillages(const Village &village) : refVillage(village)
       bool operator () (const Village& leftVillage, const Village& rightVillage)
            bool result = false;
            // implement algorithm
            return result;

    And then call:

    qSort(villageList.begin(), villageList.end(), CompareTwoVillages(targetVillage));

    By the way, why do you allocate your QList on the heap ? That's usually not needed.

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    I have two tiny remarks to the otherwise excellent guidance provided by @SGaist:

    1. You could use a lambda function (which internally is a functor) instead of writing a whole class. It's just a more compact notation for what Samuel suggested.
    2. You should use std::sort instead of qSort, as qSort is marked obsolete in Qt 5.

    Kind regards.

  • Thank you very much, guys))
    Your example helped me a lot, SGaist. Although i had to do a bit of reading on functors and function pointers to fully understand the concept.
    I let it sink in a bit, and then im gonna read some more on lambdafunctions as kshegunov suggested.
    Thubms up!

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