Qt on Mac, configuring to generate code for Android

  • Hi everyone,

    I installed Qt 5.6 on a Mac computer, and I would like to develop apps for iOS and Android.

    When I installed, I marked the Android kit to be installed, and when I look at 'Qt/5.6', I see the android_armv7, android_x86, clang_64, and iOS directories.

    But when I create a project, the only 'Supported Platforms' is 'Desktop', and in the 'Kit Selection', the 'Desktop Qt 5.6 clang 64bit' appears with a check mark, and 'Android has not been configured. Create Android kits appears with a yellow triangule. When I click on 'Details', a 'Configure' button appears, and when I click it, a 'Android Configurations' window appears. There I have to define 'JDK Location', 'Android SDK Location', 'Android NDK Location'.

    I then clicked on the download button for the NDK, and the directory 'android-ndk-r11c' was downloaded. When I get back to 'Android Configurations' window, and click on 'Choose' button for 'Android NDK location', whichever directory I choose, I get '... does not seem to be an Android NDK top folder'.

    When I click on the 'Android SDK location', it takes me to a web site, where I downloaded the 'android-studio-ide-143.2821654-mac.dmg'. I installed it, but when I get back to 'Android Configurations' window, and click on the 'Choose' button, I have no idea of where the SDK is.

    Does anyone know how to define the SDK and NDK?

    Sorry for the long explanation, and thanks a lot!

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    IIRC, the Android NDK has been modified recently, try again with the latest r10 series.

    IIRC, you only need the SDK tools.

    In any case, did you install Android Studio ?

  • Thanks for your time!

    I installed Android NDK, and QtCreator recognized the base directory as a valid NDK installation, so this issue is solved.

    I installed the Android SDK, but the Mac I am using does not have the JDK installed, and, unfourtunately, the login I am using is not in 'root' group. I must be able to install things on my own first, in order to be able to develop without depending on a administrator every now and then.


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    AFAIK installing Oracle's JDK requires admin privileges. For doing Android development it's pretty much the only time you'll have to ask your admin to do an installation.

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