Can't set qtcreator settings by modify QtCreator.ini in ~/.configure/QtProject

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    I was trying to find where QtCreator save it's settings, for set some initializing options in qtcreator so that other team members don't need set by themselves. After i google, i found qtcreator save it's settings in ~/.configure/QtProject/QtCreator.ini, so i try to modify this file manually. But i found this didn't work soon, because when i open qtcreator, this file will be initialized by qtcreator and the modification would wipe off. Is there any way i can set qtcreator settings outside?

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    Do you mean


    What did you change there and how?

  • @jsulm , e.g. i set QtCreator.Pane.CompileOutput visible=false, when i open qtcreator again, it will set visible=true automatically. And when i set StartupSession=my-kit, when i open qtcreator again, it will set StartupSession=default.

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