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QGraphicsView or QGraphicsScene

  • I want to create a animation using QGraphicsview. I have attached a pic of how it should look like. i need to have a rectangle in the center of the scene with the center 0,0. and its positive x and y axis as shown in the pic. I would be getting datas dynamically as ( x and y coordinates) and i will project them in this display view. Please help me to create this animation with the 0,0 moved to centre of the Dipalyview or rectangle and their positive x and y directions changed. Thank you

    I believe i wont be able to upload pic. so i will give u the description of my requirement.
    I would want a rectangle of in the centre of the graphics view widget and the centre should be conceived as 0,0. Positive X direction is towards North and Y is Towards west.

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