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Plugins paths when launch from Qt Creator

  • Hi,

    I developed a Qml Plugin as a dynamic library (DLL).
    I have a main project which simply loads a main.qml file.
    This qml file imports the plugin and everything works fine when executing the generated executable (plugin is found. note that the plugin is located in a folder named with the library name).

    But when I launch from Qt Creator the plugin is not found. I changed the execution folder to be at the location where the executable is launched manually. So it is exactly the same execution folder. I don't understand why the plugin is not found when launched from Qt Creator and is found when launched manually... Maybe a bug?

    I activated QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS to understand a little more. I have then traces "QFactoryLoader::QFactoryLoader() checking directory path "<ThePath>"". And <ThePath> is always the build directory (it seems that the execution directory selected in project/execute settings is not taken into account for the search pathes).

    Note also that i am using cmake.

    Anybody knows this problem? Is there a workaround?


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