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Error build Qt

  • I'm having the following error " Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options."when i try to compile , i checked options there were no compiler auto-detected , so i downloaded a compiler but still having the same error .How can I fix this ?
    my qt setup in windows 64bits

  • From the menu of QtCreator, Open "Tools>Options>Build&Run>Kits". If no auto-detected configuration, you need to configure it manually.

  • whats your compiler version? if you using visual studio 2015, qt cannot support that.

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    @sara-hak Hi and welcome to devnet,

    If you installed one of the MSVC Qt packages, you need to have the matching Visual Studio installed.

    @MasterCna Visual Studio 2015 was already supported before Qt 5.6. Now there are pre-built packages available.

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