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Does Qt have a class that implements a standard licensing model such as product codes?

  • Hello,
    I have created an application that will be licensed to users. I can think of many ways to approach this, but since I have seen that Qt has as broad a set of classes that it does, I can't help wondering if there may be classes that implement a platform-independent licensing scheme. My google searches all seem to end up assuming that I am trying to license Qt itself, which isn't the point. I need to license my application (with the understanding that I am adhering to Qt's commercial licensing terms already).

    Any pointers?

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    AFAIK, there's no pre-built stuff for that.

    What kind of license are you planning to use ? Hardware key (e.g. usb-dongle) ? Software key ? License Server ?

  • @SGaist For our development systems and beta, we use a HW key (the disk UID). What I want to do is enhance this to allow time-based behavior, e.g., a trial period on the one hand, and then a specific period of updates after purchase on the other - but renewable. Presumably the typical use of product codes is the way to extend this but not having implemented this myself before, I don't know if I have to just make it up or whether there was something to start with. It doesn't seem too hard, but as with anything, there are always complexities and why invent the wheel, so to speak.

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