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Qt simple application on ARM embbedded system very slow to load the first time

  • Hi all,
    I've a problem with a simple qt application (22KB compiled) when it load the first time..
    The board is an acme Aqua A5 (Atmel SAMA5D3) with a buildroot distribution with QT5 + embedded.
    The first time i ran the application took about 1 minute. After this, if i kill the application and restart it, took about 2 secs.
    How can i do?
    I have setted release on my qt project.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Just a guess without knowing much about your device:

    Your app may be small because it links all Qt's libraries dynamically. If you use a very slow USB stick or SD card, loading of the libraries could take a while, but for the next start they already are loaded. You could for example use top or any other utility to see how the RAM looks like at all the stages (after reboot, when your app runs, after it has been killed). And of course it may have been a one-off problem. Reboot and repeat. Single happening is not reliable evidence.

  • @mvuori Thank for reply, the problem repeat itself every time a reboot occur.
    I tought the same about dynamic libraries, but how can i compile my excutable with static library? I think QT discourage the use of static library.
    Thanks again,

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