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Prevent <select> in QWebView (QComboBox) from hiding items

  • In QWebPage, when I use Fusion style:


    I notice that any <select> dropdown, when selected, does not show all items in the select. This is a really frustrating behavior. My select might have a total of 2 items, but the 1st item will be hidden (Qt will hide it with an up arrow, to hint to the user they need to scroll up to see it)

    I tried setting a style of a min-height:

    view->setStyleSheet("QComboBox QAbstractItemView {min-height:200px;}");

    And this did make the min-height be 200px successfully, but this leaves a bunch of dead white-space in the case of a select with 5 or less items. I'm not really looking for a min-height; I just wanted to see if I could successfully style it (I could). What I really want is to say, 'show all items, or at least, always show a minimum of # items'.

    Is there any way to do this?


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