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Does not receive anything BluetoothLowEnergy

  • Hi, I have an application which scans for bluetooth low energy devices, and if it found some, it then connect to them. All other devices are HM-10 modules (serial ports). From PC I can scan, connect and communicate with remote device without any problems.

    Unfortunately when I compile the same application for Android phone, I can only scan, connect and send data to remote devices. I cannot read any data which should be (and 99% are) send to my mobile phone.

    Here are steps which I do in my app

    create BluetoothScanner and start scanning
    create QLowEnergyController and connect to some device
    if service has good UUID
          connect to stateChanged signal
          and discover details
    when details discovered
          pick characteristics with specific ID (0x25)
          connect to characteristicsChanged
          and start sending some data

    From this pseudocode it seems to me that signal characteristicsChanged is not emitted on Android platform.
    Is there anyone who could help me to investigate this issue ?

    Thank you !

  • Hi all again,

    I made one more test and I found that in case of active polling of QLowEnergyCharacteristic.value() I can see (probably) all data which were sent from remote side.

    From all these tests it seems to be the characteristicsChanged signal which is not emitted / accepted.

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