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  • Hi,

    i'm doing

        QString homePath = QDir::currentPath();
        QString filename = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(this, "Enregistrer sous...", homePath, "Configuration (*.xml)");
        saveConf(filename);  //which create a XML etc... (this function is working)

    But here, if I manually close the QFileDialog, what happen ?

    I would like to do something like :

    if( myQFileDialogIsClosedOrFailedOrWhateverYouWant ){

    is it possible to do that ?

    By the way, is there a problem with QFileDialog on W10 ?

    When I use it there's warning like

    shell\comdlg32\fileopensave.cpp(9456)\comdlg32.dll!74260750: (caller: 74253458) ReturnHr[PreRelease](1) tid(2b88) 80070490 Élément introuvable.

  • Test this:


  • @HenrikSt.

    It's working thanks !

    What about warnings ?

  • Hi. Good news...

    What about warnings?
    I don't know what you mean but you can you QMessageBox...

  • @HenrikSt.

    Sorry I was busy..

    these warnings :

    shell\comdlg32\fileopensave.cpp(9456)\comdlg32.dll!74260750: (caller: 74253458) ReturnHr[PreRelease](3) tid(5f4) 80070490 Élément introuvable.
    shell\comdlg32\fileopensave.cpp(9456)\comdlg32.dll!74260750: (caller: 74253458) ReturnHr[PreRelease](4) tid(5f4) 80070490 Élément introuvable.

    When I use getSaveFileName(...);

  • Moderators

    My French is pretty rudimentary, but "Élément introuvable" is a bit confusing. I don't understand what element can't be found, and somehow this comes from comdlg32 ...
    I think you're safe to ignore these warnings for now, but if you find any strange effects do tell.

  • Maybe you cab post your completely code here for understanding the error ?

  • @HenrikSt.

    void myClass::on_pushSaveCom_clicked(){ //On click QPushButton (save my configuration)
          //set some variable according to my UI
          QString homePath = QDir::currentPath();
          QString path = QFileDialog::getSaveFileName(this, "Enregistrer sous...", homePath, "Configuration (*.xml)");
          saveConf(path); //which create the new XML according to my new value set earlier in this function

  • Moderators

    Your code looks fine to me. So as I said, I think it's safe to ignore those warnings for now. If you observe some side effect, report it here again so we could attempt to track it down.

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