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New on Qt

  • Hello, maybe for some of you this is gonna sound simply, but I cant do it.

    Sounds simple, I have an Qt Widget app, I have a 'Bttom1' in my GUI, what I want its, when I push that Button, I save a number or letter in a string variable, and i can show it in real time in the GUI, this is the basic thing.
    I have like 10 buttons, so if i push them, the variable string is gonna contain all that letters or numbers.

    Is that even possible?
    (Im not a Native English speaker, so if you dont understand, please let me know)
    Thanks in advanced!

  • Noone can do it on first time.
    Look on youtube qt tutourials.

  • Hello @martin-one ,

    Yes, it' possible. Please have a look in Qt calculator example. It is approximately close to your need. (This is just sample to say it is possible to display number whatever you give through button)

    Also, you can find the same in Qt Creator example. Click on "welcome" which is at top left corner and then in search "calculator" . you can find this and run it.

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