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no debugger set up...

  • Unknown debugger type "No engine" appears when I try to debug...

    I am in Windows and successfully compile with Visual Studio 2015 update 2 compiler from within QtCreator but when trying to debug I get that error..

    Where do I set this?


  • which executable should I choose?

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    You need to install Visual Studio's debugging tools

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    Visual Studio debugger can't be accessed from QtCreator. You need to install CDB separately.
    If you already have VS2015 installed you can do this by going to add/remove programs, right clicking on "Windows Software Development Kit", and selecting "Modify". When the installer runs select "Change" and then on the component selection page mark "Debugging Tools For Windows" and hit "Change" to finish installation. This will install the debugging components and Qt Creator will pick it up automatically.

    If after that you still can't debug open Qt Creator and go to Tools->Options->Build&Run->Debuggers tab and make sure CDB is listed there. Then go to the Kits tab, select your kit from the list and make sure it has a debugger selected. If not then select it from the combo and you should be good to go.

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