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Camera supportedViewfinderResolutions and viewfinder.resolution does not work in Android phone

  • I want to confirm whether Camera supportedViewfinderResolutions works in Android phone. I get an empty list after I call supportedViewfinderResolutions. The mobile phone I test is S7.

    I tried using Android JNI class "AndroidCameraPrivate". getSupportedPreviewSizes of AndroidCameraPrivate does work.

    Therefore, I don't know why Camera supportedViewfinderResolutions does not work.

  • It doesn't seem to work on the QCamera side either. Android version could generally be more relevant here than a cryptic phone model. The reason? Perhaps the resolution is not exposed in the old API which Qt uses; your phone probably has at least Lollipop and with it Android's camera API version 2. Or perhaps there is a lack of developer resources at Qt for the camera software.

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