i18n, translation failed, when use QObject::tr to global QString...

  • how to translate QString when it's global, eg.
    const QString xxx[] =
    { QObject::tr("test"),

    it did appears in Liguist and i did translate it, but not work in app.
    thank you!

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    have you installed a translator loading your translation file?

  • @raven-worx of course i did. the tr("") QString in a Class which is derived from QObject and have Q_OBJECT marco in the header works fine...
    but the global did not work...

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    then the global variable gets initialized before you install the translator.
    When a new translator gets installed all tr() calls need to be reevaluated, means need to get called again.
    Actually you need to listen to a QEvent::LanguageChange event (on the QApplication itself IIRC) and then update the values again.

    It probably works in a QObject class because you instantiate the class after you installed the translator?

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