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  • Hi, can somebody explain me what are -DQT_BOOTSTRAP_LIB -DQT_BOOTSTRAPPED derictives for?

    I can't find a documentaion about this directives. On my developement system it seems to link my program code against libQt5Bootstrap.a which represents all available Qt libraries (?). On the development system are no libraries available.

    On the target system libQt5Bootstrap.a does not exists but there are the normal libs.

    Can somebody me the idea and mechanismn behind that? I'm also interested on which way this feature is configured activated so that the compiler knows to link against the libQt5Bootstrap.a.

    Thanks & best regards Michael

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    That library is a set of "reduced" Qt classes built when you "bootstrap" Qt so basically when creating qmake.

  • @SGaist Can you tell me where I can find some more information how to build and why and how to use the bootstrap feature? I'm using an already build version of qt which provides as SDK the libQt5Bootstrap.a and I try to figure out some errors regarding missing members in the library.

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    AFAIK, that's private library not used by client code but by Qt's own tools.

    What errors are you getting ?

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