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Problem sending command in SSH connection using Qt-creator

  • Hi,

    I'm a beginner in Qt and this is my first post here.
    I'm trying to set up a ssh connection to a Red Pitaya using the SshConnection integrated in the Qt Creator library. I followed this post and actually everything works except the last step. The command is not sent or not received, I don't know.
    There are no error messages, but the " closed (int exitStatus) " signal of the remoteProcess is directly sent after channel is started. exitStatus is 2, but I couldn't find, what is meant by that.

    My operating system is Ubuntu 14.04 and connecting via Terminal and ssh works perfectly. But I would like to start a program on the Red Pitaya directly in my Qt-Programm.

    Has anyone a idea what's the problem here?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Something's not clear: are you trying to start a remote program from your application and failing or is starting your application on the device failing from Qt Creator ?

  • Thanks for your reply. Sorry, for not describing clearly. I want to start a program on my remote device from within my Qt-application. Right now, I use Putty, connect to my device using SSH, type the command, press enter and the remote program starts. I would like to do the same from within my Qt-application.

    Here's the class:

    #ifndef RECEIVER_H
    #define RECEIVER_H
    #include <QWidget>
    #include "sshconnection.h"
    #include "sshremoteprocess.h"
    #include "ssherrors.h"
    class Receiver : public QWidget
        Receiver(QWidget *parent = 0);
    private slots:
        void ssh_connected();
        void onChannelStarted();
        void readyReadStandardOutput();
        void ssh_con();
        void info(int exitStatus);
        void onConnectionError(QSsh::SshError);
        QSsh::SshRemoteProcess::Ptr remoteProc;
        QSsh::SshConnection *connection;
    #include <QDebug>
    #include "receiver.h"
    #define CALIB_DC_OFFSET 2000
    Receiver::Receiver(QWidget *parent)
        : QWidget(parent)
        statusLabel = new QLabel(tr("Listening for broadcasted messages"));
        quitButton = new QPushButton(tr("&Quit"));
        connect(quitButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(ssh_con()));
        QHBoxLayout *buttonLayout = new QHBoxLayout;
    void Receiver::ssh_con(){
        QSsh::SshConnectionParameters parameters; =  IP;
        parameters.userName = user;
        parameters.password = password;
        parameters.timeout = 20;
        parameters.authenticationType = QSsh::SshConnectionParameters::AuthenticationTypePassword;
        parameters.port = 22;
        connection = new QSsh::SshConnection(parameters, this);
        connect( connection, SIGNAL(connected()), this, SLOT (ssh_connected()));
        connect(connection, SIGNAL(error(QSsh::SshError)), SLOT(onConnectionError(QSsh::SshError)));
    void Receiver::onConnectionError(QSsh::SshError){
        qDebug() << "Com: Connection error" << connection->errorString();
    void Receiver::ssh_connected(){
        qDebug() << "ssh connected";
        const QByteArray command ("acquire 10 1024");  // 
        remoteProc = connection->createRemoteProcess(command);
            connect(, SIGNAL (started()), SLOT (onChannelStarted()));
            connect(, SIGNAL(readyReadStandardOutput()), SLOT(readyReadStandardOutput()));
            connect(, SIGNAL(closed(int)), this, SLOT(info(int)));
    void Receiver::info(int exitStatus){
        qDebug() << "Session closed " << exitStatus;
    void Receiver::onChannelStarted(){
        qDebug() << "Channel started";
        qDebug() << "RemoteProc is running: " << remoteProc->isRunning();
    void Receiver::readyReadStandardOutput(){
        qDebug() << "OUTPUT: " << remoteProc->readAll();

    I run it, and output is:

    ssh connected
    Channel started
    remoteProc is running: true
    Session closed 2

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    What does acquire do ?

  • "Acquire" is a program on the Red Pitaya that measures and returns voltage values. "Acquire 10 1024" should give an output of 10 rows and two columns of numbers, for example:
    -163 -69
    -164 -70
    -163 -70
    -163 -70
    -162 -69
    -164 -70
    -165 -71
    -163 -70
    -163 -70
    -163 -69

    I also tried "ls" and "ll" as a command, but it's the same debug-output.

    I don't understand why a normal ssh-connection works, but using the qt-lib doesn't...

  • I did it differently now and wrote a small script using sshpass to open the connection and send the command. In my Qt program I just start the script. It takes a bit, but it's ok ;)

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    That's a good workaround. Are you using QProcess ?

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