After the coordinate transformation(setRotation()) is how can I get it?

  • Hello.

    I added the QGraphicsScene to QGraphicsLineItem.
    and rotate LineItem.

    How can I rotated a LineItem coordinates ?

    < source >
    QGraphicsLineItem* pTestLineItem = _scene.addLine( 300, 300, 500, 300, QPen( Qt::red ) );

    pTestLineItem->setTransformOriginPoint( pTestLineItem->boundingRect().center() );
    pTestLineItem->setRotation( 30. );

    QPointF p1 = pTestLineItem->line().p1();
    QPointF p2 = pTestLineItem->line().p2();

    p1, p2 is no changed.
    p1( 300, 300 ) and p2(500, 300 )


  • Hi, @Daryong

    pTestLineItem->line().p1() is origin coordinate before rotated it. Also always returned origin.

    If you want to know the rotated coordinates, you must use mapping methods.

    Something like this:

    QPointF p1 = pTestLineItem->mapToScene(pTestLineItem->line().p1());

  • @Devopia53 Ok, Thank you very much. ^^

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