Connecting QThreadStorage local data signal to one slot in the same QThread

  • Hello everyone, this is my first post, so take this opportunity to greet the entire community.

    My problem is as follows:

    I am developing a simple TCP asynchronous chat application in Qt (client and server). Client and Server must interchange messages without blockings.

    I have the following classes:


    #ifndef CLIENTTHREAD_H
    #define CLIENTTHREAD_H

    #include <QtCore>
    #include <QtNetwork>
    #include <QtGui>

    class ClientThread : public QThread

    ClientThread(QObject *parent);
    void run(void);

    public slots:
    void slot_connect(QString ip, quint16 port); //slot connected to signal emitted by GUI object QMainWindow
    void slot_connectionOk(void);

    QThreadStorage<QTcpSocket *> tcpSocket; //Having one local and independent QTcpSocket for each QThread


    And the Definition of ClientThread class


    #include "ClientThread.h"

    ClientThread::ClienteThread(QObject *parent)

    void ClientThread::slot_connect(QString ip, quint16 port)
    this->tcpSocket.localData()->connectToHost(ip, port);

    void ClientThread::slot_connectionOk(void)
    emit logMessage("Connection OK."); //This signal is connected to the QTcpSocket local data

    void ClienteThread::run(void)
    this->tcpSocket.setLocalData(new QTcpSocket());


    In the constructor of the QChat QMainWindow class:

    @// Q_OBJECT is declared in QChat.h

    #include "QChat.h"

    QChat::QChat(QWidget *parent, Qt::WFlags flags)
    :QMainWindow(parent, flags),

    if(this->thread == 0)
    this->thread = new ClientThread(this);

    connect(this->thread, SIGNAL(finished()), this->thread, SLOT(deleteLater()));
    connect(this, SIGNAL(connectHost(QString,quint16)), this->thread, SLOT(slot_connect(QString,quint16)));
    connect(this->thread, SIGNAL(logMessage(QString)), this, SLOT(slot_includeLog(QString)));


    //Declared as public slot in header file
    void QChat::slot_includeLog(QString message) {



    //Declared as public slot in header file
    void QChat::another_slot(void)
    emit connectHost(ui.TX_Host->text(),ui.TX_Port->text().toUShort()); //this signal is declared as signal in header file

    When connectHost is emitted, the slot slot_connect take the control, but the new signal that must be emitted by the local data in QThreadStorage<QTcpSocket *>, when the connection to host has been established (connected() signal), never is received by the slot slot_connectionOk(void).

    What is the problem?


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