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Qt Quick emulation layer crashed

  • New to Qt and Qt Quick. I am attempting to edit QML, but when I do, I get the message:

    Cannot open this QML document because of an error in the QML file: 
    Qt Quick emulation layer crashed (1:0)

    I can reproduce this if I use the menu Build | Rebuild All. Then on the buttons on the left choose Edit with the sheet of paper icon, then Design with the paintbrush and ruler icon.

    Also, I can't get the Edit mode to come up by default. It always shows Design mode. When I select Edit, I get the message "This file should only be edited in Design mode. Another weird thing is the text in the design mode looks like a shark took a bite out of the text. For example, the "Type", "Geometry", "Visibility", "Color", "Border Color", "Rectangle" all appear as if an eraser was swiped erratically over the bottom of the pixels.

    Normally I would assume this is an install bug since it is so bad, but my co-worker also installed and it shows the same for the shark bite effect described above. When attempting to reproduce the bug, my co-worker gets a wait cursor and no crash.

  • Can you please file a bug report at

    What OS are you using and which version of Qt Creator?

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