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QPainterPath colliding detects all the objects under a planar space below a curved path.

  • I use the QPainterPath to draw quad curves on a QGraphicsSceneby adding the path. It does nicely, but one thing remains a problem.

    I want to obtain colliding objects but only the ones under the curve. When I check for the colliding objects it returns all the objects within an area enclosing the curve with the two start points.

    Question, is possible to detect only the items just below the curved line (using the QPainterPath + QGraphicsPainterItem )?

    Or it is the better to to derive a 'curvy' QGraphicsItem.

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    please provide more info. Its hard to guess what you are already doing and why the result isn't what you are expecting.

    What type of QGraphicsItem do you add to the scene? Is it a custom item?

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