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Comments / posts moderation on Qt Blog

  • Hi,
    I just had my comment removed from Qt Blog (By moderation I suppose). The content had no offenses or aggressive remarks, it was just a negative feedback to the new Qt Creator 4.0 with CMake projects.
    Now, I don't mind having my comments removed but at least I expect to receive some notice / information about the rationale behind it.
    Is there an email address I can contact for this issue? ( seems to deal with commercial / sales)

  • Hi,

    The comments on the blog are usually moderated by the author, and honestly I don't know why a comment would be removed after publishing. Especially if it was related to the post and didn't use bad language.
    Off-topic, spam and abusive comments are the usual reasons for moderation, this doesn't sound like one of those cases.

    The page should have a feedback link at the bottom of the page, but mailing to feedback at works too.

  • Thank you!

  • @tekojo
    Why is this account deleted now?
    I was stumbling over it before, when only the initial post was there. The name looked like 3 to 4 underlines and had only 2 posts. My suspection was that this is someone not really want to expose anything to public, not even a chosen nickname.
    Now, apparently the account has been deleted. If the user is always deleting profiles, that might be also a reason.

  • The user must have deleted the account.
    It is a valid user, as they contacted me privately. I'm looking into what happened. Initially it seems like the post was stuck in approval, as the blog author hadn't checked the comments in a while. But still working on the details.

    To me it is pretty normal to have users who do not want to share any details anywhere. Apparently this user did not want to leave a nickname here. That happens, and it's ok.

    Of course with the forum there is a problem in deleting nicknames, as Qt Account remembers them and when the user wants to rejoin here, they will get the same nickname (not exactly sure what will happen to orphan posts like this if that happens.). So choosing a nickname is important.

    The other take-away here is that people really need to have a channel where they can voice problems when they see them, and someone who takes the issue further. If blog comment approval looks wrong, then it is important to raise it here or in feedback.

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