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[SOLVED] display greyscale image with label and QPixmap

  • Hi, I am using QPixmap and Qlabel in order to display a greyscale image. I am using QImage::Format_RGB32 and I get my image with blue color. But I have noticed that the other format supported by QImage, do not give me the right results for the greyscale image.Could somebody give me an advice in this problem? How I could display a greyscale image using the following code?

    @ QImage *image_Qt = new QImage (size_x,size_y,QImage::Format_RGB32);

    InputImageType::Pointer image = reader->GetOutput();

    for(unsigned int i = 0; i < size_x-1; i++)
      for(unsigned int j = 0; j < size_y-1; j++)
        InputImageType::IndexType pixelIndex;
        pixelIndex[0] = i;
        pixelIndex[1] = j;
       unsigned int value= image->GetPixel(pixelIndex);
       image_Qt->setPixel(i,j, value );

    QPixmap *map=new QPixmap ;

  • What does
    unsigned int value= image->GetPixel(pixelIndex);

  • I should have mention this.They are some methods of a library named ITK, for medical image processing.To be more spesific this unsigned int value= image->GetPixel(pixelIndex);, gives the value of a pixel of the image which has index (i,j).For greyscale images has range [0,255]

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    Can you clarify your problem? Is it that you're sampling a greyscale 8-bit image, and when you're trying to show it in a RGB32 Image, you're only getting shades of blue? If so, that's because you're effectively using a RGB value of 0xff0000bb, where bb is the value read from your greyscale image [0,255].

  • Yes this is my problem, I get my image but with a blue shade over it.What format should I use?Or what change should be done?

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    You need to account for the red and green channels in the QRgb value.

    See "here": for some hints.

  • Thanks a lot this has solved my problem

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