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How can I fix the linking errors when compiling

  • I keep getting below error when compiling.

    cannot find -lCore
    cannot find -lTextEditor
    cannot find -lAggregation
    cannot find -lExtensionSystem
    cannot find -lUtils

    Where can I obtain those libraries?

    I am trying to compile this plugin.

  • Hi, your plugin refers to those .so files from the Qt Creator installation, they can be found there ( and are standard Qt Creator plugins, the other 3 are normal .dll/.so files).

    To build successfully, set the QTC_BUILD env. variable in the .pro file to where your Qt Creator is installed, usually that's /home/yourname/Qt/Tools/QtCreator

    Note: usually it's recommended that you download and compile/build Qt Creator yourself and set QTC_BUILD to point to that Qt Creator build, but when I compile my plugin, I usually cheat and just reuse the Qt Creator installation from the distribution (saves 20 minutes of waiting for gcc :-)

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