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Kit Desktop Qt 5.6.0 GCC 64bit is incompatible with kit for Raspberry Pi2.

  • Hi,
    I am trying to run one of the examples in Qt Creator (the cellphone example),
    but I get this error when I try to change the kit from the original one (host build) to my cross-compiling kit named Pi2:

    Kit Desktop Qt 5.6.0 GCC 64bit is incompatible with kit Pi2.

    Why does Qt creator not give any hints or further explanation when generating this error?
    If it knows the two kits are incompatible, it could at least let me know what makes them incompatible...


  • I succeeded to make it work by selecting the same example from the qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.6.0 package which I cross-compiled and installed successfully.

    Selecting the same example from there instead of the example from the Qt Creator installation directory works fine with the Pi2 kit.
    Still don't know why I couldn't switch between the two kits though when I tried it with the example in the Qt Creator install directory.

    Maybe when I first ran it (successfully on the Host PC), I did not use a shadow build. It seems that I read somewhere that when you want to use different kits, you are not allowed to have run a non-shadow build first?

  • It seems you can also solve this by deleting the file in your project directory, which forces you to Configure the project again where you can select the desired kit. Also if you want to change kits you must use shadow builds.

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