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CheckBox stay checked after exit and restart

  • Hi,

    I'm programming a GUI app. In my first screen/page, i have a tableview and in my second page, i have a checkbox.
    The problem is when i exit the program with the checkbox checked and i restart it, the tableview don't have the focus (gray selection) and the checkbox is still checked.
    Is the problem come from destructor ?


    EDIT : checkbox problem solved but tableview still doesn't have the focus

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    just set focus to it in mainwindow constructor?
    ui->tableview->setFocus(); ?

  • That what i just tried but doesn't work.
    I have used QApplication::focusWidget() to get the widget focused. I don't know why but it is a combobox, even if i set the focus to the table view.

    EDIT : Pffff, i don't know why but the focus policy of the tableview is set to NoFocus ^^


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