Accessibility : Is Qt compatible with JAWS ?

  • Are Qt-based UIs compatible with JAWS ?

    I am thinking about implementing an accessible Qt-based UI for desktops (OSX and Windows), but I don't want to waste my time using Qt if it doesn't work. My users are blind so they rely on JAWS being able to read button text labels as they navigate through the UI using their keyboard.

    Are there any known problems/issues with respect to accessibility when it comes to Qt?

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    hi and welcome
    I have never tried JAWS so i dont know how it can/does read the controls but
    i have had issues with automation scripts (autoi3) not being able to "understand"
    the Qt widgets as not all of them maps directly to a native control so they dont respond to
    windows API calls as native would.

    Not sure same applies to JAWs so a quick test is most likely the best way to find out.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt provides the accessibility module and AFAIK JAWS should be supported.

  • @John1093838
    Currently I have some trouble to run my Qt-app with JAWS. Have you run some test in the meanwhile?

  • Yes there are some known issues with JAWS:

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