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Working on CrowdQuick and other topics during Qt Contributors' Summit, Berlin June 2011

  • Hi All,

    I guess I'm not supposed to be editing the topic list since I am missing credentials to do that, so I'll use this thread to communicate my interests for the summit, in the hope that valuable people for the topic and proposed discussion would notice and respond.

    To increase the usefulness of Qt in UX design and distribution, I thought up CrowdQuick! CrowdQuick is a server/client solution that enables UX designers and developers to distribute UX to any form factor client (handsets, tablets, netbooks, etc) and receive feedback and rating for how a user liked the current UX. The client sends survey data back to the server, where it is accumulated and a web interface would offer ways to see through the statistics to get an idea how good a UX is, to learn where to improve and to get general feel where the UX should go straight from your team members, focus group, or end customers. CrowdQuick does a paramount use of the fact QML can be actually JSONized and served off a key value store, like my own Navistore0 or better yet, to sustain high loads and allow enormous amounts of statistical data and data and BI processes along the way, one should be able to use CouchDB1.

    If you are in the summit, and interested in this, I will be happy as can be if you join me to spec and perhaps start some skeleton client in Qt during the summit. My dream at the end, is to contribute this to Qt upstream, such that it will be integral part of the software distribution and maybe in the future we can develop a Qt Creator plugin to allow UX designers to draw an QtQuick UX, and feed it to the subscribed clients in a click of a button!

    UPDATE: Due to jetlag I started a braindump and basis for spec, here:

    I have even set up a NOKIA Developer space for it, with a git repo and what not (I know that is a bit of a vaporware approach, but I wanted to secure the name on the NOKIA Developer projects space :-p)

    The rest of my interests include:

    • QNetworkAccessManager - I want to promote and add more synchronous support such as clearCache() that WebKit and Qactus or similar projects can use. I hope to have my first patch accepted during the summit! ;-)

    • Discuss how to teach QtQuick in a more comprehensive way with emphasis on creating client apps that consume web services and connect to the internet -create some real life examples and snippet to add to Qt's docs, maybe in par with

    • Get into qt quick components hacking, sit with developers, learn where help is needed as I want to help the qt quick components effort.

    If you see me and you are related to this, please grab me so we can chat. I hope I will be wearing a name tag :-)

    Thanks and Cheers all! See you tomorrow.


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