I am a new guy in using QT, I do not know why it is very slow, and always crash with no reason.

  • I am using QT to develop a c++ project. I do not know why it always crashes. Normally, it always stuck, with the computer runs with a loud fan noise. Especially when I select some variables for copy or need it to auto-complement , the noise will increase ,and sometimes just crash. I am a new guy, I just want to know whether I should change some of setting to improve it or something. My computer is a work station, so it should not be the problem of computer.

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    Do you mean the editor Qt Creator ?
    That crashes?

    What version of Qt and what platform?

  • yes, creator 3.5.1, it just crashed with no reason but with a symbol of loud noise of fan of computer. I use linux, linuxmint.

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    ok. same I use at work.
    Creator is normally not heavy or crashes.
    Did you install using the online installer or how did you
    install Qt ?

  • What graphics card and driver do you use?

  • @mrjj I install using the offline, not online. Yeah, So many people use should not have the problem, but I really do not know why. So maybe my project is too big? I need to load some of lib, for example boost, and some other libs. Especially when I need it to auto-complement some variables, the fan runs with noise, and sometimes it will stuck when I select a variables, and also with a loud noise of fan. So it is a common thing for you? I use a navida k1000 ,dell 4700 work station.

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    @dennile said:

    dell 4700

    Not the orginal dell 4700 with Intel Pentium 4 ?

  • @Wieland I use a NAVIDA k1000 ,dell M4700 MOBILE work station. I download a gui management of nivida, so I think it should not be the problem.

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    oh, its a Core i7 CPU ?
    Should have plenty of power. even for BOOST.

  • @mrjj yes, it is the high configuration at that time. Let me change to another computer to check whether it is the problem of computer, and then give feedback to you guys. Anyway, thank you firstly!

  • hi, all guys, I think the problem should be the system linuxmint, which is a variables of linux. When I change to a common apple computer, it is very fast. I do not know what is the mechanism the linuxmint affects, maybe the QT, maybe the performance of my computer, so I am just sure it is not the problem of QT. Thanks, everyone!

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    Just as a note. I run linux mint at work.
    I switched to it after they made ubuntu use unity
    and not have had any issue with Qt on mint.

  • @dennile @mrjj I blame the graphics driver. It's always the graphics driver.

  • @mrjj Your answer makes me confused again, if that, so what is the problem? Whether some of configuration I do not do rightly? or, it is the problem of my computer? So how to make sure the driver is correctly configured? How to evaluate the performance of computer?

  • @Wieland how to make sure I install a correct graphics driver?
    by the way, my graphic card is Quadro K1000M,

  • @dennile Sorry, I can't help you with your Linux distro, that's not my field of expertise. But I must say that the graphics driver (be it the proprietary Nvidia or Nouveau or drivers for Intel GPU) are the only source of real trouble I had with Linux in the last maybe 7 years or so.

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