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Comparison of Qt/C++ and Android SDK development (in term of Ease and Difficulty)

  • Hi guys,

    I'd like to start learning Android SDK to develop with
    and I just wanna know if it's easy or difficulty compared to Qt/C++ (not QML).

    If maybe someone out there already use both.

    Any ideas appreciated !!

  • It is a different way of programming. What I usually do is create a library (that does not link to QtQuick nor QtWidgets) with objects that do all the work and expose all signal and models that will be used by the user interface.

    Basically, program everything regardless of interface.

    After that build the UI in either QML (desktop/app) or QWidgets (Desktop only) using the library object for the functionality.

    base line: make the UI part as stupid as possible and do all the work inside QObjects that can be exposed

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