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How to compile QtDeclarative without QtXmlPatterns, QtSvg and QtSql

  • I want to slim my application down (again).
    QtDeclarative depends on QtXmlPatterns, QtSvg and QtSql which I don't use at all, so I'd like to compile the library without them.

    Has someone altered source-file for QtDeclarative (or a clue how to do this) ?

  • You might have a look if the configure script has options for excluding dependencies to these libraries.

    If not, the common way is to wade through the sources and place #ifdef/#endif preprocessor directives around code fragments which cause the dependency. This allows for switching on and off the dependencies using a single #define preprocessor directive.

    However, I would not bet that QtDeclarative can be built without those dependencies and I am worried it isn't possible at all. I would definitly wait until this is acknowledged by a troll. Otherwise you will have wasted hours of hours of work.

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