QBS integration for GNU-ARM. Problems with cpp.linkerScripts property

  • Hello everyone!

    After some time integrating the gnu arm tool chain on Qt, I got a small issue.

    As I don't want to be modifying my qbs project file every time I wish to change the target microprocessor, I added my libs, target attributes, cflags, etc, on Tools/Options/Qbs/(my kit)/edit...

    Everything is fine except for the cpp.linkerScripts property. It just doesn't seems to include it and fails (cannot open linker script file....) . However, If I explicitly write it on my qbs project file and remove it from the Options screen, it works.

    Funny thing: If I comment the line on my qbs project file and define cpp.linkerScripts on the Option screen, the build process fails. But, if I dis comment the definition of cpp.linkerScripts in my qbs file, I got warnings about redeclaration of memory regions

    I'm running out of ideas.

    I'm using QT Creator 3.5.1 and QT 5.5.1


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