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QtCreator - compile in msvc 2015 - sdktool build error

  • Regular QtCreator is crashing on me an awful lot in Win10/MSVC 2015. I haven't been able to figure out a repeatable pattern to make it crash.

    So I wanted to try to compile QtCreator locally so I can run it in debug mode to see what's causing it to fail.

    I downloaded the source from git (the source package on didn't have the .pro files in it?). made an out-of-source build folder. Since I already have Qt installed elsewhere ran that qmake with '-tp vc -r' for the source .pro file. Compiling, I had a couple issues where it was conflicting writing to .pbf or something database, but I could fix those with the /FS flag

    So, finally, I run into an error when trying to build the sdktool project on line 51


    MSVC red-underlines DATA_PATH,saying it 'expected a member name'. The error is "syntax error: '.'" and then several other errors follow of 'left of .sdkPath' must have class/struct, and other 'left of' errors on line 52 that I suspect are due to the base error on line 51.

    Does anyone know about this? Is it a bug? a known issue? Is it something I'm doing wrong?

    Edit: if I hard code in "../share/qtcreator" which is what DATA_PATH should evaluate to, then it compiles successfully

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    DATA_PATH is a define that should be added in so it's a bit surprising that you have that error.

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