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Problems creating msvc2015 Kit

  • I just installed Qt 5.6 and I'm having problems getting it set up to use MSVC 2015. I have installed the MSVC 2015 32 bit parts in the Qt installer, and it seems to find the compiler okay, as I see Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 14.0 (x86) in the Compilers list,

    But the Qt Versions listed have the red stop sign and it says "No compiler can produce code for this Qt version. Please defined one or more compilers." for the Qt. 5.6.0 MSVC2015 32Bit Qt version (and the 64 bit version as well).

    In the Kits tab, it says there is no compiler defined for the Desktop Qt 5.6.0 MSVC2015 32 bit Kit. And if I try to define my own kit, selecting the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 14.0 (x86) for it, it still has the red stop sign and this time says "The compiler MSVC2015 14.0 (x86) (x86-windows-msvc2005-pe-32bit) cannot produce code for the Qt version Qt 5.6.0 MSVC2015 32-bit (x86-windows-msvc2015-pe-32bit)"

    Why does it think my 14.0 compiler is for msvc2005? And how to I edit it?

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    Is your VS2015 installation up and running (including C++ compiler)?
    Can you build a simple C++ program there?

  • @jsulm yes, MSVC 2015 is working just fine. I build our DLLs using it.

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    Hi @jarnold,

    If you're still having this problem, see for a possible solution (t_hunger is one of the engineers who works on Qt Creator).

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