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when I run debug it just hangs on a box in bottom right saying "launching"

  • Hi All,
    had some issues over last couple of days with a working project suddenly not starting. Turns out in project options build had suddenly jumped back to using qt 4.8 rather than 5.4... Anyway set qmake to point to latest and errors disappeared. This introduced an error with an unused dialogue, which I deleted. So now my code

    1. build
    2. runs
      However if I click debug it hangs on "launching" box in bottom right corner. Software doesn't open. It runs fine in just run.
      Can anyone advise? Thanks

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Did u check that it still points to the correct debugger for 5.4?

  • Hi
    sorry to be a pain but what should that be? I presume just GDB for linux? I'm very nervous about changing anything after the last couple of days... in tools/build run deguggers is says
    system GDB ay /usr/bin/gdb
    system LLDB ay /usr/bin/lldb
    system LLDB ay /usr/bin/lldb-3.6
    System Not recognised at /usr/bin/lldb-gdbserver-3.6
    System Not recognised at /usr/bin/lldb-mi-3.6
    System Not recognised at /usr/bin/lldb-platform-3.6

    I'm guessing I need to remove the 2 lldb references, but the "remove" button is greyed out when I highlight them. I can click add or clone buttons but not "remove"?

    On the debugger menu the options are all to do with source paths and lots of tick boxes

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    Im on window so not sure
    what it should look when correct.
    Is there another linux you can have a look at?

  • Unfortunately not. I tried a quick new project, but that is doing the same. Presumable because the crash effect my "desktop" settings, rather than just my project setting. Or when I saved my project after the "wrong qt issue" it's saved the debugger stuff to desktop as well as the qmake-qt settings

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    Which of the debuggers is set in the Kit you are using?

  • Thanks that's it! Didn't even know. I was looking in build debuggers, didn't know I could change it there.
    Still don't know how all my "desktop" setting change mid session...

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